Everyone can be a star, everyone can be a celebrity. Maybe not in Hollywood,

but in their very own life.

As a mother of 3 little girls I am always trying to impart this message to them. They can be a celebrity in their very own life and reach for the stars! I’m always looking for opportunites to build and boost their self esteem and what better way to build a child’s self esteem than freedom of expression and choice.
I have been in the kids legwear industry with our parent brand for the past 5  years and knew I wanted to take it to a whole new dimension. I felt I needed to create something within my industry focusing on building a child’s self esteem, while being fashion forward and fun…..An absolute winning combination. And that’s when the idea came…..A legwear line that allows the child to express her own style.
So I went ahead with my concept and product protoypes and consulted with child experts, mom and dads (who actually are the best child experts) and people in the  children’s market. They were enchanted. We did tons of research and finally emerged with an amazing and innovative line of kids legwear.
Our products are designed in a way, that the child is actually her very own designer. The products are interchangeable, it can be swapped with different colors, played up or dressed down. They are trendy, cool, and fun no matter which way you put it. Moms love it, Girl’s experience it, Experts celebrate it. And now it’s time to spread the love, the experience and the celebration and introduce it to the market.
My girls have been my inspiration to start this company with this concept of….
Every child a star!!! They have made me realize and appreciate how much each one has to offer in their very own way.
They are truly my stars and I am their biggest fan!!

Come join the fun and most importantly let’s celebrate the inner star of each child!!!!